Move Sensors Map Location A Short Distance

During initial setup, a few days ago, I placed the sensor on the map in relatively close proximity to its actual location, a few hundred feet… The issue is, the map didn’t show county lines, and I mistakenly placed the marker a couple hundred feet inside the adjacent county. I want to move the marker into my county/township.
I know if I wanted to physically move the sensor, I would need to re-register, for obvious reasons. However, I don’t want to move the sensor, but only its position on the map.
I believe I still need to re-register, but do I need to wait for customer service to archive readings at the current marker? After all, the sensor itself isn’t moving, only its perceived location.

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Fixing the map’s location for your sensor is no problem at all.
You first want to navigate to the email you received when you first registered the sensor. In that email you will be presented a link to “modify registration.”

Once on that page, you can make any needed changes. In the “Map Location” section, you can drag the red pin to the correct place and save the changes by clicking the “Register” button. Another method is to enter the relevant latitude and longitude and verify the pin placement.

Here is our guide on updating the registration information on your sensors registration: Update Registration Details.

If you cannot locate the registration email that was sent you can access the registration page directly. The registration page can be accessed here: Register to place your sensor on the map | PurpleAir.

Thanks, Nick. It’s done. My only concern was whether I had to wait for archiving, but that doesn’t make sense, sense I wasn’t moving the sensor. Thanks again!

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