Sensor not reporting data

Good morning. My sensor quit reporting data, yet it’s got power and is connected to wifi. I removed the power and wifi from it for 15 minutes. When I powered it back up and turned the wifi back on, it connected and the lights flashed correctly, but still no data output. Got any ideas? Thank you

Hi @jimtyler, it looks like we archived your sensor earlier but hadn’t yet sent you an email informing you of this. We’ve now sent you an email confirming this, and your sensor will be visible after re-registering at Register to place your sensor on the map | PurpleAir. Feel free to comment if you have questions or send an email reply.

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Hi Josh, Now it works. Thank you very much. I’m still in the same place, and the sensor is still outside, so that’s how I re-registered it, and I left it public. Hope that was OK. I’m not sure when I’m leaving yet, but the day before I leave, I’ll let you know, so you can archive the data, and I’ll re-register it Private. Is that how I need to do it? Thanks.

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@jimtyler that’s perfectly ok. I’ve further detailed the purpose of archival in a response to you in a separate thread.

Since you’ve not left on your trip yet, archiving was premature on our part. Apologies for the confusion. You can simply re-register the sensor privately right now and take it on your trip. If you want to re-register it publicly after your trip, let us know so we can archive all of the private data.

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Good morning Josh,
No worries on archiving prematurely. I might not have made it clear when I was leaving on the trip. I’m not sure myself, haha, I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions to help me understand the re-registration and archiving process.

Am I correct to assume that any data from my sensor after the recent archive will be archived as private, or does that start when I re-register as private?

I have no privacy concerns, but does private data become available to the public after it’s archived?

After I re-register my sensor is private, will I still be able to see it on the map, and be able to download data from it?

I guess nobody can see it on the map but me, but can I change the location of the sensor as I travel, so it more or less stays with me? I guess that would require re-registering often. I don’t want to cause you guys extra work. Is the registration process automated?

I’m a full time RVer, seasonally traveling between the Southwest and Northwest. I normally have more of a fixed position at each end, than when traveling between the two, but even then I sometimes move. Would you recommend that I just keep the sensor registered private?

Can I change the name of the sensor when I re-register this time as private to indicate a traveling sensor? Maybe if nobody will see the data or the name, it doesn’t matter.

I’m planning on tracking the trip north with a GPS, and building a database with the GPS coordinates for each sensor reading. Would that be of interest to anyone other than myself, lol?

I’ve attached a photo of my sensor setup.

Thank you, Josh. Have a good day! -Jim