Do replaced sensors need to be unregistered?

Hello there!

I lead a project with the goal of establishing a network of air sensors to provide our local community with proper reads on the air around them.

This process, however, is long and often leads to older sensors breaking down and requiring a replacement sensor.

Do the sensors being replaced, i.e., the broken sensors need to be unregistered? I am planning on buying replacement parts and fixing them up, however I wonder if I will be able to register them to the map just as I would a new sensor.

I appreciate any info!

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Hi @jaimesj

Archival is a process that ties a sensor’s data to a previous location. When a sensor is moved, we request that sensor owners allow us to archive the device, for data accuracy reasons.

If you fix the broken sensors, and they are brought back online in the same location they were in before, they do not need to be archived. They will also not need to be reregistered unless you want to change the name or something like that. If the sensors are going to be moved, we would request that you send us an email so that we can archive them.