How to remove broken sensor from the map?

I have an old purple air that I took out of service because, while cleaning it out, I broke one of the fans.
I bought the new Zen model (I like the LED setup on it) and have it running in the same location as the old one. I registered the new model on the map, but the map is still looking for the old sensor, which it has marked offline.

I know that after 30 days of no data, Purple Air removes sensors from the map. Is there a manual way to do this too? I don’t have the welcome email as the sensor was years old and I don’t often keep emails that long.


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Data from old sensors is still available on the map. If you change the map setting labeled “Reporting or modified within” to “All-time,” you will be able to see every device that has publicly reported data to the PurpleAir map.

The only exception to this is sensors which were re-registered from public to private, as their data is then moved with the sensor to being private as well.

So there’s no need for you to do anything to remove your device from the map, as this is intended behavior. You can change the reporting or modified setting to only show recent sensors if you don’t want to see your old sensor data.