How do I convert a public sensor to private?

For various personal reasons, I need to make my sensor private but registered it as public.

I can’t figure out how to private the sensor once you have registered it.


Hi @discdog, you can re-register your sensor at to mark it as private.

​After initially registering your sensor, you should have received a registration confirmation email. Near the bottom of this email is a link to “Modify this registration.” This link will take you to a filled-out registration form and help make re-registering simpler.

I have a similar question. I want to start testing a PurpleAir Zen device at one location, but the ultimate goal would be to install it about 130 miles away at a completely different location. Can I to a factory reset or is there some other way to do a move like this?

Hi @saseelig, this article may help answer this question: Move Sensor Location and Map Marker.