How do I remove the SD card from a PA-II SD?

I just bought a PA-II SD, and it works great. But, I’m having trouble getting the Utility to work. The instructions say to temporarily remove the SD card. I see what looks like an SD card, but it’s deep inside, and would have to be removed with tweezers. It’s on a slight slant, like it’s not correctly in place, although the blue light flashes every 2 minutes. Maybe it’s a PC board. Do I have to disassemble the unit to get to the SD card? Thanks for your help.

Hi @jimtyler

On PA-II SD units, the SD card is fairly hard to reach. Although you do not generally have to disassemble the unit to get the SD card. A pair of tweezers, as you have mentioned above is usually sufficient. See the image below for clarification of where the SD card is.

Thank you much, Kieran. I got it out with no problem. I hope it’s that easy to put back in. Removing it allowed me to get the Utility running.

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