Real-time data to SD card on Flex device

I’ve seen this for the PA-II, but I was wondering about getting real-time data from my fleet of Flex monitors. I would like better granularity than a 2-minute interval. I’m trying to describe drift not air quality per se. Is there any way to record on a smaller interval to my SD cards? When I ordered these units I thought they would be more like the last unit I had which included some options on what interval data was stored at (that unit had other unfortunate qualities).

I see that data is collected second by second, and I only need to collect data for about a day or so, which makes me feel like the 32 GB microSD cards would handle that fine. The instructions for this hack on the PA-II includes snipping a wire and re-writing the config file but from what I can tell my device has a ribbon not three individual wires. I’d happily snip away if I thought it would work.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the data recording interval that occurs with the Flex sensors?

(My apologies if this is somewhere in the forum and I’ve just missed it.)

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Hi Pam,

If the device can be connected to WiFi, it can be queried over the network to obtain the second by second data. Further information is found here: View Local Sensor Output over WiFi.

If this solution does not work for you, please send an email to detailing this issue.

Hi Joshua,
WiFi isn’t an option where these sensors will be set up. I’m trying to set up a group of sensors around a site in the middle of the woods where there isn’t even cell service. And the area is too big to set up a hotspot dealio. I’ve sent an email with a few more details of my setup and what I’m trying to do.
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Hi @pjbryer, we’ve responded to your email in order to assist.


I need help with the same issue. No wifi where I am and want to log SD card data in intervals less than 2 minutes, probably somewhere about every 15 seconds. Any advice?