FLEX technical questions

From the FLEX description…

For locations with limited WiFi access, the PurpleAir Flex PM2.5 measurement device incorporates real-time clock and SD card capabilities, allowing the sensor to record and store data on a microSD card.

How does the FLEX behave when the internet connection is dropped for an extended period of time (several days), and then is restored. Are the 2-minute averages still logged to the SD card, and does normal data reporting resume when the internet connection is restored?

Along these lines, can the high-time-resolution data be recorded over the USB interface, either with or without an internet connection?

The PurpleAir Flex features user-replaceable PMS6003 laser counters and an expansion port that allows easy swapping of the temperature sensors (yes, there are two) or expands the sensor’s capabilities in the future.

What are the differences between the PMS5003 and the PMS6003? Are the data interchangeable?

What is the expansion port connected to internally? What kinds of devices might be connected to it in the future?

John Ogren

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