Upcoming Online Store Changes Regarding Power Supplies

We have heard of several PurpleAir users who ordered sensors and did not want the included power supply. Because of this, we will be separating the sensors and their respective power supplies on our online store, and they will be able to be purchased separately. By default, the PA-I-Indoor sensor will not include a USB power adapter, and the PA-II, PA-II-SD, and PA-II-FLEX will not include a power supply.

It can be easy to gain a collection of power adapters from different products that don’t get used. Many of these power adapters will power a PurpleAir sensor. This is because the sensors have very low power consumption, approximately 1 watt. You can read more about the power consumption here. We recommend using at least a 2 Amp charger. For the PA-II, PA-II-SD, and PA-II-FLEX, you will also need a cable with a micro USB end.

The prices of the sensors currently on the store will decrease, and the cost of purchasing a sensor with its respective power supply will be the same as the sensors were initially listed.


Is the power supply sold with the PA-II-FLEX the same as sold with the PA-II?

@waterem, yes, the power supply is the same for all PA-II model sensors.