Outdoor Power Supply that PurpleAir Offers

Although many power supplies can be used to power PurpleAir sensors, we recommend using the power supply we offer with the PA-II, PA-II-SD, and PA-II-FLEX. We have tested this power supply, and it works well with powering the sensors continually, even in harsh weather conditions. It spans about 17 feet (5.18 meters) in length and weighs 12.6 oz (357g).

The power supply that PurpleAir offers is rated IP68. An IP (Ingress Protection) rating classifies the amount of protection against solid objects, water, dust, and hazardous parts. A rating will begin with the letters “IP” and be followed by two digits. The first digit represents the protection level against solid objects, hazardous parts, and contact, while the second digit represents the protection level against the harmful entry of water.

A six (6) rating as the first digit is the highest solids protection rating and means that the power supply is fully protected against dust and contact. An eight (8) rating as the second digit is the highest rating for immersion and means that the power supply is protected from immersion beyond one meter.

You can view the IP Rating Chart from DSM&T to learn more about IP ratings.

We are working on separating the sensors from their power supplies in our online store. Read about our decision in this post.