"Touch" LED's will not stay on

The LEDs in my new “Touch” Indoor sensor will only remain on for a relatively short time. I can tap the sensor to turn the LEDs back on. I haven’t resorted to staring at the sensor for hours to determine exactly how long the LEDs remain lit, but it seems to vary between one to six hours. The sensor continues to function as it should, reporting correct information to the Map. The LED brightness is set to 10% on the registration page.

Hi @Olblueiiii, do you know if there is anything else that could cause the sensor to think it was double-tapped, and do you keep the sensor on the brightest setting? Sometimes placing items on or hitting against the surface the sensor is on could cause the tap mechanism to go off. We made the sensor need to be double-tapped for this reason.

The sensor has a few different brightness settings that you can cycle through by double-tapping. Since the brightness on your device is set to a low number, the lights may appear off on some of those settings.

Hello, Ethan. The sensor is in an out-of-the-way place and is completely undisturbed. I have brought the LEDs back a few times now by using the double-tap procedure. I was surprised by how firmly one must tap the sensor to bring about the desired result. I have cycled through the settings more than once and the lowest setting is more than bright enough for my chosen location. In fact, I’d prefer that it be even less bright. I’m curious to know what percentage each of the different brightness levels is so that I can enter the appropriate number on the registration page. Thank you for your response.

I thought perhaps the LEDs had a problem with remaining on because they were set to the minimum brightness, so I tapped them up to the next level. I thought maybe I had discovered the problem because they were still lit after 7 hours, But no, the sensor went dark at the 8-1/2 hour mark.

Just following up, in case anyone’s interested, after double-tapping the LEDs back to life at their lowest level, they have remained lighted for 15 hrs and counting. I’m hopeful.

My touch is turning off as well. It will work fine for 24 hours or more and then randomly go dark. Same as OP, the sensor still works and reports to the map but the LED turns off.

I usually pick it up and set it back down and it turns back on. If it needs a double tap then I’m not sure why this would make it turn back on.