There are a lot of sensors off line

My sensor stopped working a few weeks ago, but since then I’ve noticed a lot of sensors are not reporting data for extended periods of time. They show as gray dots on the map.
Does anyone have any infomation on this?

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You can control which sensors you see on the map, and limit it to just those that have reported in recently - you can do this by clicking on the ‘gear’ icon on the map overlay in the top left.
Why do sensors stop reporting? People stop using a sensor, it’s at a business/school and gets unplugged and nobody notices, it breaks, etc - especially in a high turnover area like NYC.

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@lucienve’s comment is correct. Your options are likely set to show sensors from “All time,” meaning any sensor installation since late 2015/early 2016 will be visible. Many of those older sensors have been replaced. The old markers remain, and the data is always available for retrieval.

Additionally, sensors are sometimes moved to new locations (sensor owner moves to a new city, sensor lending programs, etc.). When this happens, we ask that users reach out to us and request to have their sensor data archived. This saves the old data at the old location; it will appear as a gray dot on the map. When the sensor is registered in its new location, all its new data and its new marker will appear at the new location. Thus, some of the gray dots in your screenshot might be old (“archived”) installations.

I got my sensor at the start of summer 2023. One of the lasers is reading too high so I took the sensor offline so that the readings wouldn’t confuse anyone. I tried to clean the unit but to no avail.