Startup issue

I am trying to setup a new PA-II. After the device connected to my WiFi network, it seems to be stuck saying “Checking status…”. I have waited about 2 hours and no change. Is this a known problem, and what can I do to complete the setup?

So now, anytime I try to open another browser tab, that same purple air Wi-Fi connected, checking status, page comes up! WTF?

If the “Checking status…” bar is orange colored for your device, then it’s connected and reporting to our systems. If this is the case, then you can register your device to view it on the PurpleAir map.

If opening a new browser tab results in the device’s configuration page again, you’re likely still connected to the device’s WiFi network. Disconnect your device from the PurpleAir-**** WiFi network, and reconnect to your home network. The issue should be resolved after this.

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