Sensor widget is not matching the map readings

Starting last week our sensor and our neighbors’ sensor give completely wrong readings on the widget. I’ve recopied the widget code to our website, and it doesn’t change anything.

Right now, the map shows our AQI at 20, but the widget for it shows it at 154. Our neighbors’ sensor is showing 25 on the map, but their widget is showing 335.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The Widget captures the current map settings when you copy the code. Perhaps you had the map set to a different value when you copied it? A number around 200 at AQI 20 sounds like the 0.5μm particle count.

I’ll look, but I’ve been using these widgets for several years, and they ALWAYS match what is on the map. I’ve not interacted with my account or the map since I set it up.

Right now, our sensor reads 17 on both the map and the widget.

Our neighbor’s readings are 23 for the map and 163 for the widget.

But yesterday, both widgets were wildly off from the map, like 15x higher on the widget than the map.

If you look at the graphs for the neighbor’s sensor, are the A and B channels wildly diverging? I wonder if the widget is only picking up one channel.