Web widget conversion factor not being applied

hello all

I’ve “built” a quick and dirty page just to host the widget for my sensor:


as can be seen in the widget string (view source on linked page), the displayed value should have the ALT cf=3 conversion factor applied. however, only the unconverted value shows. this exact same widget correctly shows the conversion factor when you bring it up on the purpleair map.

i have tried it with other conversion factors as well, but the widget will always only show the unconverted value.

Looking at the widget code, the ‘ALT cf=3’ conversion is not implemented, so it will default to No conversion. There are implementations only for None, AQandU, LRAPA, US EPA, and WOODSMOKE.

ok, but then why does it work with this conversion on the purpleair map? isn’t the widget the same?

otherwise, are there plans to bring the widget’s capabilities up to par with the map?

thanks for your help

The widget and map are different code. I suspect the widget is an earlier version of the map code with some adaptations, but hasn’t been kept up to date with map additions.