SD Card Capacity

Hello - I am planning to install 2 of the PA-II-SD sensors in areas that currently do not have WiFi connections. I am troubleshooting the WiFi availability but in the meantime would like to start collecting data ASAP. Does anyone know what type of download/data collection interval I should plan for, assuming I use the standard 16GB cards? How many days of data would fit on the cards before they are maxed out?

Hi Patrick_Connerton, the 16GB SD card will hold around two years of sensor data, so the interval that you check the data would not need to be that frequent. The data will be saved in a CSV file, meaning it can be imported into a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and already be formatted in a table for you to easily view.


Thank you @Ethan_Breinholt!

Are the data files overwritten when the SD card is full?

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Data on the SD card will not be overwritten. Instead, the sensor will stop logging data.