SD card as power outage data buffer

With other sensors I have setup using solar power/battery and wi-fi, collected data is written to local storage folders first and then another script checks those folders to upload to cloud if wi-fi is available. If wi-fi goes out during storm, etc generally still able to collect data and resume upload once wi-fi connection has been restored.

Not sure if the purple air sensors work or could be made to work in this way, but would allow more sensors with battery or other redundant power sources to continue collecting (and later reporting) data during temporary power/network outages of several days or more.

Not sure of the question, but I’ve powered up my PA-I-Indoor with this battery pack. Works fine.


Thanks for the info. I’m getting at the purple air data collection is either online or offline and maybe a more dynamic option in the future might be ‘temporarily offline’ where data doesn’t go to the trash, but saved to internal storage(buffered) to be uploaded when back online.

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