Registration not working

I fill out the form on PurpleAir | Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

Next page I get is<encoded form contents>

The page body is a plaintext blob of 29 MB of json. That is not a typo: twenty nine megs. What is going on here?

Here’s whats at the top of the file

{"mapVersion":"0.31","baseVersion":"7","mapVersionString":"","results":[{"ID":14633,"Label":" Hazelwood canary ","DEVICE_LOCATIONTYPE":"outside","THINGSPEAK_PRIMARY_ID":"559921","THINGSPEAK_PRIMARY_ID_READ_KEY":"CU4BQZZ38WO5UJ4C","THINGSPEAK_SECONDARY_ID":"559922",

The registration appears to have failed.

Tried twice, same result

This is a known issue that we are working on fixing. Please send an email to with the exact information you entered in the registration form.

If you’re still having issues registering your device, we can assist you through that same email address as well.