Map Registration Failure

My sensor is accessible from a browser using “http://purpleair-29c1/?live=true”. I would like to add it to the real-time map.

The registration form at purpleair[dot]com/register says " Looking good: Device-Id and Associated Email are related…".

However, the registration submission fails with " Unknown device! Please check the “Device-Id (MAC)” and try again. NOTE: If you previously registered this sensor, you will need to use the same “Owner’s Email” as the first registration…"

What might trigger this failure?

Hi @schda12, this error occurs because the owner’s email you have used is not the same as the one used previously.

The first time a PurpleAir sensor is registered, the owner’s email is set. It will then need to be the same each time it is registered afterward.

If you do not know this email address, you can send us an email at to resolve the issue.

On June 29 I finally got a response to my June 17 email to My problem was due to a bad MAC device-ID label on the unit. When I used the corrected ID provided in the email response, registration succeeded.

Using the wrong email address in the registration seems likely to be the most common trigger of registration failure. However, the response “Looking good:
Device-Id and Associated Email are related…” seemed to rule out that problem in my case.