I'm not receiving the registration email after i register my device

I’m not receiving the registration email after i register my device. I have added the network and my device connects successfully to the wifi. I have completed the registration and entered all the required information including the ID and the email that i used to purchase the device. However after clicking register i get redirected to a black page with the following text

{“mapVersion”:“0.31”,“baseVersion”:“7”,“mapVersionString”:“”,“results”:[{“ID”:14633,“Label”:" Hazelwood canary…

Hi, Are you using www.purpleair.com/register to register your sensor? When filling out all the information did you get the green check mark on the Associated email and you enter in the correct location of the sensor? At the bottom make sure you click the I agree with the terms and conditions and then click register.

Ok it worked by using Safari rather than Chrome. I think Chrome or some related add-ons where blocking validation and the map while using Chrome. Using Safari did the job!

I’m having a very similar issue with one particular monitor (after having registered numerous other ones without difficulty). For this one particular monitor (ID 10:52:1C:4C:D7:BD) I never got a registration confirmation email when it was first registered in spring of 2022. I just tried to re-register it today (thinking I had just lost the original email), but I never got a confirmation email, so now I think there’s an issue with the release of this email. I did use google chrome but the regisitration seemed to fully complete after I clicked “register.” I am wanting the email for easy access to the link to access the data cloud for this particular monitor, so if there’s another way of doing that, that would also solve my problem. Thanks