Quando o Cartão SD aparece vermelho no mapa

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Peço informações de como proceder quando na imagem do Cartão SD aparece um quadrado de cor vermelho no mapa com a mensagem SD card hardware is present, however an SD card is not detected and data will not be written to it."

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Hi @Val, this article may prove helpful: SD Card Logging and Troubleshooting.

I recommend power cycling the device to see if that solves the issue. Also, ensure that the SD card has been input correctly into your sensor by “clicking it” into place. Push the SD card inside until you hear a click sound. The same is true for removing the SD card.

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Thank you for sending the information.
I would like to know if the problem of flashing repeatedly can be solved with formatting. Because the situation is that the blue LED blinks 3 times, stays a while without blinking, and repeats the blink 3 times. The MicroSD presents the data correctly on the computer and the partition is as FAT32 and there is no indication of bad sector on the card.

That’s interesting. Thank you for that information. The three blinks indicate that the SD card is not being logged to or is not recognized. Could it be full? How long has this sensor been running? Reformatting the card may be able to help. You can save the data locally and try that.

Ensure that the SD card is being clicked into place too. I wonder if the latch on your SD card logger may be loose or is not holding it entirely in place.

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Thanks for the directions and quick response.
The card is not full, there is still 14Gb free, the sensor was installed two years ago. However, the card that appears there is not class 10, as indicated by the instructional material.
When inserted again the click was perfect. I did it more than once to make sure I was clicking and returning the eject freely.
To reformat or replace the SD card, you need to do Fat32 formatting, right?

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That is correct, you will need to use FAT32 formatting.