Obtaining PurpleAir location data (lat/long) for California

Hi everyone,

I am new to programming and using the PurpleAir API, and would really appreciate guidance on how to best download location data for all PurpleAir sensors in California (it doesn’t need to be historical data, just the current locations of sensors throughout the state). I am using this for a project looking at the relationship between PurpleAir sensor distribution and sociodemographic variables.

It seems like the best way might be to enter SW/SE/NW/NE coordinates to create a rectangle that covers the state, but if there’s a better way to do this, I’d love any insight!

Thanks so much.

Update - I was able to figure this out and successfully downloaded the data.


I am attempting to do the same. Do you mind sharing the steps you took to download the data?
I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Att Purple Air, Where is your heart

Note you stated from the start.
PurpleAir is built on the ideal of sharing data and by doing this, empowering individuals to effect change. All public PurpleAir data is available to download under various licenses

Now your sensor users find that their data is NOT freely available for download due to the very limited (crippled) tools that are now provided for users. The very limited tools of today now make the data for practical purposes for many uses unavailable.
So again I ask the staff at Purple Air…
Where is your heart