Download Sensor Locations


I’m making a Goggle map of different air quality monitors throughout NYC and I want to include a layer for the purple air monitors. Does anyone know how I can download the sensor location data so that I can add it to my google map?

I saw something on the website about downloading data from a specific sensor, but this is different than the pollutant data that the sensors are collecting. Thank you!

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Hi @Eugene

The easiest way to retrieve this information would be to query that data through the API, where both latitude and longitude are available fields. If you have no experience with the API, I would suggest checking out the Data Download Tool.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Would there be a way to download sensor locations in a certain state/province using the download tool? Is so what would be the best way to go about that?

I’ve tried using the download tool but it basically looks like I would have to input one sensor index at a time, which is pretty much the same as just manually inputting them into a custom google maps layer. Is there a faster way?

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Hi mford,

After working on something similar myself, I figured out that the easiest ways is with a “bounding box” where you enter the lat and long coordinates for the region (in this case of that state). You can do it on the API sampler for free and it codes it for you and spits out the results. But you still need the data download tool to get an API Key.

Here is one discussion I found very helpful: Finding Large Amounts of Sensor Indexes (Bounding Box API Call)

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Hi @mford

Eugene is correct here. We would recommend obtaining the indexes by way of a bounding box call, and then querying those indexes using the download tool.