Misconfigured MAC address can't see my indoor sensor

When I looked at the indoor sensor the MAC ID looked like 48:3F:DA:A7:25:75, and I registered it, Somehow it has worked for the past two or three years, then in WINDOWS 11 with a new laptop, it disappeared sometime in the past few months. My outdoor sensor works just fine, but indoor would not connect or register. When I put in the correct MAC ID looks like 4B:3F:DA:A7:25:75, it failed, change the 8 to a B and it connects with my IPhone (not with Windoz) appears on the map, then disappears.

Ive tried pretending it a new device, registering, but PurpleAir won’t recognize any other email or the correct MAC address. I tired a different email id, but that too failed. This is the WRONG MAC Addr

Works fine, turns the color of the air correctly, but we can’t see it on the map when we’re away. We use indoor vs outdoor air to decide when it’s safe to come home in smokey california.


Hi @savagebill00, our systems show the MAC address for your indoor device starts with 48. If you’re having trouble re-registering with this MAC address, then there might be an issue with the emails you are using. Please ensure that you’re using the same emails previously registered to the device. You can find these by looking for a registration confirmation email previously sent by us.

If you would like assistance in changing the emails for your device, please send an email to contact@purpleair.com.

We’re also able to see your sensor is currently connected and reporting to the map. If you’re still unable to see it, please ensure that the map setting labeled “Show Inside” is checked. This option toggles whether indoor sensors appear on the map. You can find more details in our Map Startup Guide.