LED Indicator meaning?

Hello there,

We have purchased 8 new sensors in the past month and they look much nicer than the previous batch that we purchased two years ago. But as soon as we turned them on and going through registration process, we realized the LED indicators are different than what they used to be.

I am having trouble to find what the new indicator means… can someone please let me know what they mean?



Hi @rkao

I can’t provide exact information without knowing what specific models you’ve purchased. However, I can provide some general information. Our newer models, the Zen, Touch, and Flex, will display LEDs that change color based upon air quality. Those colors are based on the US EPA PM2.5 AQI.

Secondly, as long as a device is plugged in, it should shine a static red LED inside the device housing. This is an indicator that the device is receiving proper power. If the LED is blinking or not visible, it means the device is not receiving enough, or no, power.

Lastly, you may see a blinking blue LED. The LED will flicker differently depending on the status of the SD card. More information is available in the linked article.

We ordered the Flex Air Quality Monitor sensors.

I’ll take a look.