How to change LED settings after device has been set up

How do I change the LED settings once a device is set up.

I originally set up the device with AQI and power/SD card LEDs on. I would now like to change it to AQI only.

I have tried the IP address config page and cannot see an option. I also cannot find on option while logged into the map with the device highlighted.

Do I need to reset and reregister or is there a way to toggle these settings easily?

Device is PAII-FLEX.

Thank you

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Hi Con,

I had the same question for the same device and found the solution in a reply to an othervquestion.

The easiest way to check is to revisit the filled version of that form, which can be found on the “Registration Success” email. You’ll find a link at the bottom of that email called “Modify this registration” which will take you to a filled-out version of the registration form.

If your LED settings are set to “Full Color AQI Only,” then the sensor will only show the power and SD indicators on start-up, before turning them off. If you want them to stay on, you’ll need to set this option to “Power, SD Status, and Full Color AQI.”

I tried this and it works.



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We also have a post about changing the LED settings here:

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