Flex monitor has invalid Device-ID

my new flex monitor has an invalid device id printed on the housing. It reads **:**:**:**:*:**

I’m assuming this is the MAC id of the device. The next to last hex field is not correct. How can I find the valid device ID?

Hi @jdanti,

I have pulled up your sensor and see that this device ID is correct. To turn this into a MAC address, a leading zero will need to be added before the character that is by itself.

I also noticed that you had a period instead of a colon before the last group of characters. That will need to be changed to a colon to be recognized as a valid device ID.

I have obscured your device ID to maintain privacy.

Clean Air Pueblo purchased 20 of the flex monitors. I installed one with a bad mac address printed on the device. I did that by looking at the correct address on my router. We have other flex devices with the same issue. Users are not likely to be able to use their routers to correct. How do I get the correct MAC address?

Hi @jdanti,

This is a very rare issue, and it is likely that your devices are labeled correctly.

The IP address your router assigns to the devices will be different from the MAC address. However, if you have multiple sensors with this issue, please contact us at contact@purpleair.com.

You can confirm if your sensors have this issue by checking if the last few characters of the sensor’s device ID match the name of the network it broadcasts (PurpleAir-****).

For example, if my sensor’s device ID is 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f, the network it broadcasts should be named PurpleAir-5e6f (the “5e6f” comes from the last four characters of the device ID).