Firmware release notes, and update push frequency?

I was curious if there’s a page with release notes for each firmware update. I couldn’t find it, if so. It would be interesting to see what’s changed / fixed / improved. Occasionally I’ve seen @Adrian post it in the Facebook PurpleAir group, but not lately.

Also, how does a device know when it’s time to get a firmware update? I ask since I recently relocated my sensor, with a period of down time in between, and it seems to be stuck on v6.06a when all the nearby ones are at v7.00. (In case it’s relevant for this particular case, mine is a PA-II-SD with BME680).

Hi @Daniel_Warren, the release notes are not published, but we will now begin working on posting those pages in the community forums so that the community can be aware of all of the changes.

The 7.00 firmware is being rolled out slowly to prevent any new issues. The firmware has been successful, and more sensors are being updated. Ensure that your sensor is connected to the WiFi, and it will update automatically.


In checking all the sensors around me, which there are many, I found that they have all been updated to 7.00 except mine which is still at 6.06a. My sensor ID is 2883. Will my sensor still get updated soon or is there a problem with it? Thanks.