Status of Airwyn App?

Hi! I am a grad student who has been helping set up PurpleAir sensors in my area for about a year now.
Is the Airwyn app still up and running in the United States? I see the forum posts from 2022 referencing it as available on the App and Google Play Stores, yet when I go to download it today it has disappeared. Does anyone have an update on this app of when it might be available for download again?

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I checked today (8/1/23) and couldn’t find it. I was looking for an update because my copy of the app “couldn’t find server.” This means I will have to find a less convenient way to see the readings on my two sensors. Anybody have the same problem?


Same problem here. The last update I have was July 20. It looks like the server for that app has gone bye-bye. I use an app called “Air Quality Reader” that uses PurpleAir data. It’s simple and shows an AQI map that looks like is updated in real-time.

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The Airwyn application is produced by an outside party. Since they are unaffiliated with us at PurpleAir directly we aren’t able to recover the application.

Personally, I have done a lot of digging into the app ever since our support team first started receiving questions and requests about Airwyn. Currently, I am still waiting for a response to my inquiries.

Our Map is still an active tool that can be used on mobile devices and mobile browsers to view this important information.

Thanks to all of you for your care and understanding regarding this situation.

I will be posting any updates if I receive them.

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Hi Nick, I was moved to join the Purple Air community when today’s email ‘Dealing With Wildfire Smoke’ came out. It reminds me how difficult it is for me to ‘monitor’ my air quality without an alerting app. I have had my Steelhead Drive monitor on line for a couple of years now and, since I have severe asthma, relied on my cell phone to ‘ding’ when the count went to a certain level. It meant I better get done quick with anything needed doing outdoors! I know it was an independent developer that created Airwyn, and that they are apparently gone as the app isn’t on Play Store anymore (I have an android cell phone). How can we persuade another independent developer to create an alerting app, so I don’t have to keep running over to look at the map to ‘monitor’ my conditions? Any ideas?
your fan,

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Check out this app. I just downloaded it. For Subscription like $14 per year you can get notifications. ‎Paku for PurpleAir on the App Store Sorry, link looks suspicious . Name of the app is Paku for Purple Air.