Would you like to help me test (iOS) push notifications for PurpleAir sensors?

Hello, I develop Paku, an iOS app for PurpleAir, and I’m working on adding push notifications for sensors when they exceed your chosen AQI category.

If that sounds like a feature you’re interested in, I’d love your help testing it out. You can download the beta version of Paku through this link: Join the Paku for PurpleAir beta - TestFlight - Apple

Then go to Settings → Push Notifications, and “subscribe” to PakuPush. Note that this will not charge you - TestFlight apps do not actually charge for in app purchases or subscriptions. After that, you’ll be able to add alerts for specific sensors.

You can also add or change alerts directly from the map by tapping on a sensor, then opening the menu.

I’d greatly appreciate feedback on everything, from the UI, to the configurability, to whether this is a service you would pay for. I’d love to offer it for free, but running a push notification server costs money. I’m hoping $5.99/year (50¢ a month!) is reasonable.

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Hello Mr. Bashour,
I have I have installed Test Flight and Paku for PurpleAir. I have been unable to find “Push Notifications” in settings.