Why do i have to log in over and over and over

Come on guys. My iPhone and my desktop computer are personal devices. I don’t need that much protection. But I have to log in every damn time I want to see my inside sensor, which, out of courtesy to others, I chose not to make public. Why don’t you leave me logged in? Give me the option if you want? Expire me once every quarter - I’m OK with that. But please don’t require it every day - whether on the desktop or phone interface.

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Hello Greg,

I have submitted the request to increase the length of time users are allowed to stay logged into the map. We appreciate your feedback.

If your sensor is private, you can create a custom link to view your private sensors without having to login. Anyone with access to this link will be able to view your sensors.

Learn how to create a custom link here: View your Sensor on the Map

Thank you.

Amazed that you finally responded to my request!