Weather Underground - Not collecting our data anymore?

So I’ve had my PA Zen connected and sending data to WU since day one. Went to their Wundermap today, selected ‘Air Quality - PM2.5’ from their layers and … NOTHING. Mine doesn’t show up, in fact not a single one in the entire state! Logged into my device via IP address and see the ‘3RD’ status is Red. Power-cycling doesn’t change it. All others are green and functioning. Is WU no longer ingesting the data for Purple Air devices? Tried a Google search on this and didn’t come up with anything. Is that “integration” dead?

Hello, PurpleAir Support here!

We are aware of this issue and have addressed this with Weather Underground. We are working in steadfast to find a proper resolution to this issue with the team at Weather Underground.

Thank you for posting about it so we can supply more info about this. The entire team at PurpleAir is doing what we can to make sure that this is resolved.