Can I Connect My Sensor to Weather Underground?

If you’re registering your PurpleAir sensor, you might notice that we provide an option to share the data from your sensor with a third party called Weather Underground (WU).

It is important to be aware that WU currently does not support the connection of an existing WU account to a PurpleAir sensor. Your device will have to be registered with a new WU account. Thus, the checkbox labeled “Create new Weather Underground sensor ID” must be checked, as the capability for connecting an existing account is not available at this time.

If you opt into uploading your sensor’s data to Weather Underground, your sensor will send air quality data to WU’s database at the hostname

If you would like to see air quality data on the WU map, you can navigate to On the right side of the page, you can choose a sensor network to view. Select “Air Quality” and then the subheading “PM 2.5”. This will allow you to view the sensors that WU is using to get air quality data. PurpleAir sensors that have opted in will appear here.

Note: We have seen instances where a single PurpleAir sensor will not appear in an area. We believe the WU algorithm occasionally causes this until it is corroborated by another nearby sensor.


The instructions aren’t working – the link to is broken, and when you submit the sensor page with “Create new Weather Underground sensor ID” checked, you get an error message telling you to try again later. Is there a plan to fix this?

Very disappointed, Entire intent of buying purple air was the recommendations by wunderground. if it does not gets integrated with wunderground account then it kills the entire purpose of buying this sensor as entire intent was to bring all sensors and data on one common platform.