Unable to download data from Sensor data download tool

For some reasons, I cannot download data for this particular sensor from the Sensor data download tool.


The Download buttons don’t seem to be working for this specific sensor! Any advice on how to fix this?

Hi @Sina_Hasheminassab, thank you for making us aware. I believe this is due to the two apostrophes in the sensor’s name. We are looking into this to find a solution. The data is still stored and not lost.

Thanks for the prompt response @Ethan_Breinholt . Please keep me posted if you found any solutions for this.

Hi @Ethan_Breinholt . Have you found any solutions for this issue?

Our apologies for the delay. The issue is with the two apostrophes, as I had mentioned previously. We will work on a bug fix and release it with one of the next minor updates to the map.