Error in Data download

No requests are currently being made. Come back while making a request to see its progress.

Progress Logs:

Starting requests for sensor 57321.
Making request 1.
Error Code: 403
Error: ApiKeyInvalidError
Description: The provided api_key was not valid.
Error Meaning: This error means that your API key is not recognized. Double-check that it is entered correctly and retry the request.
Due to this error, the process is being aborted…

Process has been aborted!

this is what i received, what should i do?

This means that the API read key provided to the Data Download Tool is not correct. This can be found by clicking on the “API Keys” tab on the left hand side of the Data Download Tool.

Try logging in to and finding your API read key. You can then copy and paste this into the Download Tool’s “API Keys” section where it says “API Read Key.”