Temperature reading is 6 degrees too cold

I received the PA-II Air Quality Sensor yesterday. I finally figured out how to see what the outdoor temperature is. I like to be able to see what the temperature is at home in the winter while at work. I already have an outdoor thermometer that I trust. The Purple Air temperature is reading 19 F. and me trusted thermometer is reading 25 F.

The other complaint I have is that the Real Time Map says 19 F. is “Really Cold.” For us at this time of year that is Really Warm. Purple Air should remove this subjective evaluation on what is really cold or really warm. Context is really important. For Hawaii that would be super cold, but for parts of Alaska that is really warm for this time of year.

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Hi @RavenWoods, the temperature reading from the sensor is for the device itself. More information is available here: PurpleAir Sensors Functional Overview.

However, you bring up a great point. I will bring this message to the team to be looked into, and we greatly appreciate your feedback.