Purple air temperature jumped 15 degrees F

I noticed that our Purple Air’s temperature reading looked off this morning at 48 F. I checked it against another digital sensor located next to it, which read 33 F. I also looked at two nearby Purple Air sensors, less than 1/2 mi away and they both read 33F.

Looking at the graph of temperature over time for our sensor, I can see that the temp was falling, reached around 45F, jumped up by 15 deg F within one sample period, then kept falling.

This looks a lot like some kind of error that changed an internal offset, vs some kind of artificial warming of the unit. If I add the two nearby sensors to the graph, you can see that our sensor follows the same curve they do, just offset by 15 deg.

I’ve power cycled the unit and it still doesn’t show the correct temperature. Any thoughts?

I’m seeing the same issue. One of my monitors had that jump in temperature and a drop in humidity, it looks like the adjusted values doubled. I guess this could have been due to some update?

Same issue for me. Only one of my three sensors is effected. Temperature and humidity lept to new levels about the same time as those reported above.

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We’d like to look into this. Please email us at contact@purpleair.com with your sensor’s device ID and details on the issue you’re seeing.

I just sent an email with two screenshots. Let me know what you need further.

Thank you all for sharing this with us. We are looking into this now and will update you as soon as we have identified the issue and a solution.

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mine did the same, increase in temp by about 8 degrees (which is the amount the unit is supposed to adjust for due to the internal heat).

I think it correlated with firmware upgrade to 7.03. Anyone else see that?

Just wanted to piggyback on this issue — I just installed new outdoor and indoor monitors and both are hovering 10° or more higher than actual temps. Our indoor temp, for example, is controlled at 63° (currently measured at 62° with another thermometer at the PA monitor’s location), yet this monitor’s temp sensor is logging 76°at the moment on PA’s map. Similarly for our outdoor sensor.

Looking at surround PA sensors in our area, some are registering what would seem to be more accurate outdoor temps (40s) while others are also registering significantly higher temps (60s).

I’ve sent you an email but i haven’t received a response

Well, turns out the email you shared goes to a mattress startup :sweat_smile:

I emailed to contact@purple.com and got no reply.

My mistake! It’s corrected now :sweat_smile:

So, to any and all PurpleAir employees, why did some sensors leap up 8-15 F on March 16? Is there a workaround to calibrate these sensors to match all the other PurpleAir sensors? I have three sensors, and they DO NOT agree with each other.

Please help!

Hi William, sorry for the mistake in my earlier comment. The email address was incorrect (I’ve edited and corrected it). You will want to use the email contact@purpleair.com. Rest assured that we’re looking into this.

Did you get my email to contact@purple.com sent March 21, 2023 at 5:10 pm PDT? Here is what it said:


At your request, I am attaching two screenshots showing how on about March 16, the temperature jumped up about 12 degrees F, and the humidity dropped by a significant amount at the same time. This issue has persisted. My other sensors are unaffected.

Device address: [removed for privacy reasons]

Please let me know if there is a fix for this. And let me know if I can help further.


Hi William. No, we didn’t receive it. Please change the email address from contact@purple.com to contact@purpleair.com and resend the email.

OK, will do. I quoted it above, but if you can’t read it, look at contact@purpleair.com

Providing an update on this issue. It is an issue with the driver change from BSEC to BSEC2 in firmware 7.03.

Non-VOC sensors are unaffected (BME280, which is present in the PA Classic), whereas VOC sensors are affected (BME680/BME688, which are present in PA Touch, PA Flex, and PA Zen).

This driver update was done as part of our improvement to the VOC readings on the sensors. As an aside, we are curious to know if any of our users are noticing an improvement in the VOC readings.

Nevertheless, we wanted to provide further details. We are looking into the source of the problem and expect to release a new version of firmware when we have found a solution.

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We have identified the source of the issue. We will be rolling out firmware 7.04 soon, which will resolve the issue with the temperature and humidity readings. Thank you for your patience with us.

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Not fixed yet, i have a pa-II-flex (just bought) and the latest version - v.7.04

Compared with my 3 weather stations (two with digital sensors & one mechanical type) see below some compared vaues for temp & humidity

Right now:
Temp : 15°C, Humidity:49%

Bresser, netatmo,Fischer:
Temp : 10°C, Humidity 81%

As you can see the readings are far away from the real/actual values.

Take into account that my Fischer mechanical ws is positioned exactly near the pa-II-flex sensor.

Thank you!