Setup using only sd and not wifi?

Hi all, I am doing an air quality study with several Zen sensors and I am not getting much support from PurpleAir. I read the setup guide but it only discusses how to connect to wifi. I am not using wifi for these devices, only SD cards. For getting started, is there anything more to do than insert the SD card and plug in the device to power? Will it start recording to the SD card automatically or is there anything else to be done? THanks!

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Hi @mattmccmd

We’re sorry that you are unsatisfied with our support. We have answered your questions in an email. However, I’ll also reiterate our response here:

Data will be recorded to the SD card as long as the device is plugged in, and the SD card is inserted. If timestamps seem off, you may need to re-synchronize the real-time clock by connecting the device to the internet.