Schedule LED brightness

I have my PurpleAir Zen mounted outside under my front porch where I can see it through the over-the-door transom/sidelight windows of my front door. The color AQI brightness appropriate for daytime is too bright for nighttime. Scheduling the brightness in accordance with local sunrise sunset would be nice. Or if there is a way to set this programmatically via third party (Universal Devices eISY, etc.) or API that might work.


Hi @sethhmorgan,

We appreciate your feedback, and we see how beneficial it would be. We want to look into the possibility of adding a feature like this to the API. This way, apps could be created to make a very neat user experience.


+1 to this idea; similar use case to OP. I want my exterior Zen sensor to have 100% brightness between 5am and 9pm, and 0% during the night. I could implement this behavior myself with either an unsecured local network device API or a secured cloud API.


+1 to this idea. Just something simple like 2 brightness levels per day. Or maybe the option of using local sunset/sunrise times. Nothing like a bright light at night to attract bugs to the sensor. The same idea of 2 levels would be great for inside sensors too.


Yes, please do this. I have the same thoughts about my Zen. It would be great to have this feature programmable on the registration page

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Any news on future implementation of this requested feature?

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