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How do I get to tech support, not this mishmash disorganized unhelpful mess that you call community?

Hi @Ellen_Smart,

Our contact page is available here: Contact Us | PurpleAir Air Quality Sensor Manufacturers.

However, we like to post questions and answers in the community so that other community members with similar questions can get the same information.

Either way, we want to ensure that the issue is resolved in the best way possible. Feel free to email us at for assistance.

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Hi Ethan —

I never use this address. I have it because I have to have it because of Google. I hate Google. I have to be part of Google because of Nest, PurpleAir, and God knows what else.

So please change my email address in whatever database it lurks, to *******************.

Thank you

Ellen smart

We do not have accounts in our system. Logging into the PurpleAir map with a Google account allows you to view sensors connected to your email, but it is unnecessary. It also does not create an account.

The community forum also does not require a Google account to use. You can create an account with any email address.

Let us know if you would like me to change the email for your account on the community forum. We recommend you do this through a direct message or email for privacy (I removed your email address to not share it publicly).

Yes please, change my email to *******************. I never look at my gmail……

I replied to your email and received an error notice

Ellen Smart

You should have received a confirmation email. You can follow the steps in that email to finish the change for your account.