Placement on apartment balcony (does height off ground matter?)

Hi everyone,

I’m working on getting a grant from a local org to purchase a PurpleAir sensor to collect air quality data in our neighborhood, which is close to an asphalt plant and railroad tracks. My question is: will the air quality on the 5th floor differ greatly from ground level?

My apartment is on the 5th floor, overlooking a local trail and then the tracks. I’ve read differing things about air mixing. I just don’t want to waste the grant by placing it somewhere that won’t be representative of the neighborhood.


Sure, ideally it’d be at a level representative of individual exposure, i.e. ~5 to 6 feet. But in my view, there effect of being on a 5th floor would probably minimal, since particulate matter is disseminated to various levels. There very well may be no difference. I would think especially in the case of an asphalt plant. I wouldn’t let that keep you from pursing a needed service to monitor potential harmful emissions, and bring a health concern to light (of course, 80th floor of a skyscraper might be different).