PA Touch not returning temp, humidity, pressure, voc


I’ve had my PurpleAir touch for a week or so now. It has the Bosch BME688 that is supposed to report temp, humidity, pressure, voc info. My device doesn’t seem to be reporting any of these measurements. The map view always shows 0 for VOC and no data for temp, humidity, or pressure. I see the same when I call the API - no values (null) for temp, humidity, pressure, and 0 for voc:

I’ve power cycled it, and am still seeing the same results. Is there something else I can do to figure out what’s going on?

Hi Jason, we responded to your email with more information about your sensor.

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Hello. My replacement arrived and is working great. Thank you! How can I unregister the old device so I don’t see it’s dot overlapping my new sensor on the map?

Hi @Jason_Gott, we’re glad to hear that! We do not remove sensors from the PurpleAir map. However, with default map values, the gray dot will disappear after seven days of inactivity. This can be changed via the “Reporting or modified within” field in the map settings, found by clicking on the box in the top-left corner.