Online sensor not showing on map for AQI

Some sensors on the map (ex: 19711), are not showing up when AQI is selected. These sensors are logging AQI data, don’t appear to have data quality issues, and DO show on the map for other metrics such as Temperature. Is this a bug?

Hi @WTGPhoben, are you using the US EPA conversion factor? Try switching to a different conversion factor to see if the sensor reports data.

It won’t show on map even if I set it to raw pm2.5, but it is logging.

Here’s an interesting detail: If I have temperature as the metric and select the sensor so the popup is enabled, then switch to AQI, the popup shows the AQI (seems to be -1 with a 7d average of 2) andthe graph shows historical data (with a max of 25 over the last couple of days), but the circle on the map for it disappears.