Real-time data on Map Markers and graph do not match for US EPA conversion

According to Difference in Graph and Map Marker Data

Real-time data will match on both the graph and the Map Markers.

However I’ve been watching the AQI in my area recently during a period of high smoke, and I’ve noticed that map markers are displaying up to a 40 point increase in AQI values compared to the graph specifically with the US EPA conversion. When no conversion is applied, the Map Markers and graph are identical.

Here are some photos demonstrating this. Here I have a sensor selected using “US EPA PM2.5 AQI” as the Data Layer, “US EPA” conversion, and “Real-time” averaging period.

The “Now” reading on the map shows an AQI of 118, while the graph shows the latest data points to be around 87. The rolling average values (10 min, 30 min, 1 hr) shown on the map markers also make no sense because they’re all above 100 AQI, whereas the graph clearly shows none of the AQI readings went over 100 in the last few hours.

When I change just the conversion to none (all other settings untouched), the readings on the Map Marker and graph match completely.

It’s possibly I’m misunderstanding something here, but this discrepancy is occurring across every sensor I’ve checked in my area.

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