Monitoring Fire Station Quarters

I would like to monitor the indoor air quality in a fire station. We have living quarters above the station, where 12 vehicle bays are occupied by diesel trucks.

How many sensors of which type would you recommend for this site? Is one sensor in the downstairs bays, and one sensor above in the living quarters to measure the effectiveness of our air purification system and exhaust systems separately an acceptable solution? Which sensor model should be used?

Can we notify an email address if a unhealthy threshold is reached?

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You probably want the indoor module:

One upstairs, and down, seems like a good combination. I don’t know about email address notification, but you can check right on your phone, to monitor.


If you have a kitchen upstairs - then perhaps consider two indoor monitors?

One in common areas/kitchen and one in or close to sleeping quarters. Cooking can have a big impact on indoor air quality. This way you can more easily identify source.

There is a slight hum from sensors so take that into consideration when placing close to where people sleep.

There is a 3 party app that can give notification I think? I forget name now - perhaps others can remember? Its mentioned in FB user group.

Do you have any mobile monitors when out on jobs?

I think its excellent idea to monitor air quality at station to minimize exposure. Just read this summer that WHO has put exposure of firefighting as carcinogenic.