Malfunctioning Sensor at My Local Park

PurpleAir has a sensor located at my local park that is malfunctioning and reporting over 150 air quality while everything else in the area is sub 20.

Due to this malfunction everyone use google, or a google device, will see that the park is extremely unhealthy. Can you either take the device offline until it is repaired or send someone to fix it?

Here is the location: Real-Time Air Quality Map | PurpleAir

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Same problem in my area. One sensor is almost 100 while dozens other are in the 10s. It would be nice if PurpleAir would notify the owner or just disable it on the map.

I live in this same area and it annoys me that this sensor keeps popping up on my Google hub displays as an air quality alert, even though there is something obviously wrong with the sensor.