Inaccurate Reading for Local Sensor

I watch our Air Quality daily on our Google Nest and it always lists it as over 180. After many months I thought that seemed odd and looked this up on this site as Google shows this is where they are getting the data. It it wildly off from other local sensors (they are around the 60 range) so I believe it has an issue. How do I determine how to get this fixed or removed from the map? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sph,

We’re happy to look into the issue. What is the sensor’s name? You can find the name by clicking on the sensor’s map marker on the PurpleAir Map. The name is listed towards the middle of the widget after “Sensor:”.

Thank you

Thank you so much for the quick reply. It is named Stratton Street in Boise, ID

Thank you for letting us know.

​We are attempting to contact the owner of the sensor to collect more information and see if we can correct the issue.

Thank you so much! It’s such a great resource and I wanted to make sure it accurate for those who need it.