Is there a way to report an outlier sensor?

There is a public sensor near me that is wildly throwing off my local AQI.

Google uses PurpleAir for its AQI data, so my android phone’s home screen frequently shows an alert for bad air quality because of this sensor. Clearly the sensor causing this alert is an outlier, maybe they live next to a diesel mechanic, I don’t know. It’s driving me nuts though. I would like to continue getting AQI alerts when the air quality is actually bad, so just disabling the widget is not a good option. However I’m sure this false reading has led many in my area to do just that.

I would be very surprised to find that PurpleAir allows user data on a public API with no ability for the community to remove bad actors. What options exist for removing this bad data from the map?

Hi @nmarine, thank you for letting us know. To report an outlier sensor that appears to be reporting erroneous data, you can send an email to If the data from the sensor looks off, we’ll contact the sensor owner to assist them in resolving the issue. In this case, we’ve gone ahead and contacted the owner of the sensor you’ve specified.

I’ll do that. Thank you very much!

Edit: rereading your reply, it looks like you’ve taken care of it. Thanks again!