Indoor Sensors Not Reporting Data to Real-Time Map

It appears that data is being throttled for indoor sensors on the real-time map. At a rough glance, it appears that approximately 50% of indoor sensors are not reporting data (gray circle) and give the message “Current status not received for [0-4] minutes.” Many of the indoor sensors are also missing many data points as a result.

This does not appear to be an issue for the outdoor sensors and appears to be occurring across the entire map, especially in larger cities (Denver, Salt Lake City for example) with a lot of sensors.

Is this intentional? I can understand prioritizing the outdoor sensors if data storage / bandwidth is the issue.

Here are some examples:

Indoor sensors in the Denver-Metro area:

Outdoor sensors in the Denver-Metro area (same view):

Graph from my indoor sensor (especially channel B is missing many data points):

Appreciate any insights to this.


This is due to the “Reporting or modified within” setting being set to a high value. This setting filters out sensors that have not reported to us within the specified time. Click on the gear in the top-left corner to change the value. The default setting is “7-days.” This will cause most of the gray dots to be filtered out.

Hi @Ethan , appreciate the response. I don’t believe the “reporting” time is the issue as most of the indoor sensors have the error message “Current status not received for 1 minutes” where the reporting time not received is somewhere between 0-4 minutes for most of them.

Here I have the “reporting or modified within” time set to 10 minutes:

At first I thought it was because most indoor sensors seem to be the PA-I, but it’s also been a problem for mine which is the Zen and I’ve noticed it’s also been happening to PA-IIs that are indoor. I also noticed this issue a few days ago, but it corrected eventually so I thought it was a fluke.

Mine seems to have corrected since around 10AM:

But other’s have not:

I’m not seeing this issue with the outdoor sensors on the map as they all mostly have continuous 2 minute data.

Hello moeck602,

This is due to a current bug on the map where readings can go into the negative. Once they read in the negatives, the map marker will turn grey and appear offline. The sensor is still online and reporting. You can test this by changing the “Apply Conversion” field in the map settings to “No.” The map marker will turn back to green if it is online.