How long does it take for the purple to show up on the map?

Hello Purple users. I just installed my purple outdoor unit 5 hrs ago on 6/30 and it has not shown up on the map? I was able to get it logged into my router but nothing on the map. While logged into it I can see the readings it is putting out. So what am I doing wrong?

It is nearly instant. Check that your sensor isn’t near the equator or search for it by name. It might be in the wrong place.

I did a search and it comes up with a pin for the correct location but that is it, no readings. It is called Estes Park South. In the search it shows up 4 times which is weird.

I’ve pulled up your sensor, and it is not reporting to our servers. This is most commonly due to the device not receiving power or it not being connected to the WiFi. Check the inside of your device for a dim red glow. If that is visible, your device is receiving power. Also check for the PurpleAir-**** network while near the device. If you can see it, that means that the device is not configured to the WiFi.

I will go over to the house and check that out. I know I saw that page 2 times. Once when I logged into it and I tried again when I did not see it on the map. So will the purple keep putting out its network signal till It gets logged into the wifi?

Is there anything else I need to do once I connect to purple and enter the password for the internet that it will be connected to? I wonder if I didn’t click a button or something.

Ensure that you click the “Save” button to save the changes. The instructions are listed in this step of our sensor start-up guide.